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Are Valentine's Day roses worth it?

No. My answer is no. hahaha. It's a straight answer because i know roses are not THAT expensive on normal days, and flowers doesn't have to only be given on V day? But i guess it will be worth it if your girl/man likes it. It's a day for celebration after all.

It is true that during Valentine's day the prices of roses jack up. Only because of demand and supply.

Specifically why, let's go back to where all roses came from.

They came from people who grow them, right?

When supply and demand increases by multiple times, they have to find ways to utilize the minimum space that they have for maximum profit. In other words they put in a lot more effort during these period for the flowers to bloom as many as possible, and calculate the growing cycle well to harvest timely just for this specific 14th February yearly.

So an example of what some of them do. Just in case you didn't know, how a farm works is that they will divide the area into a few parts and grow crops batch by batch in a timely manner so that there will be constant supply based on their regular demands. If they grow too many at one time but nobody wants it, it's going to turn into waste. Am i right? So during this period, what the growers do is that they stop the production of the roses that are ALREADY growing and "regrow" them just so that all of them can be blooming at the same time. This will result into an increase of cost of production for one batch of roses. Because you will need to hire more manpower and resources to grow the plants again, to harvest the plants and to pack up the roses = increase in cost price.

More crops = more logistics = more transportation fee = increased shipping fee = increase in cost price.

The material cost price increases for florists and they still have to hire additional help to work longer hours and get extra delivery drivers for the entire operations, for the extra volume of orders.

In my opinion, it's not always a business gimmick, & it's only natural and fair that consumers pay more on Valentine's Day. But it's not worth it. Just buy earlier or later. Hehe.

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