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What Do I Want To Do

Pink Sugar


To be the pioneer in creating substantial economical value in the Horticulture industry through trendy means.

Painting Wall


Spread accurate, positive Horticulture contents.

Have a #HortiTude


Stay Trendy, Be Creative, and #HortiOn


About me

Hi! My friends call me Panana or Nana in short. My name is read as Pearl-lina, spelled with an 'a' and yes it is in my NRIC. I didn't come up with my own name. 

I was born in 1994 and i graduated in 2015. 

I have a pass degree in Urban Horticulture from The University of Queensland and a diploma in Landscape Design & Horticulture from Ngee Ann Polytechnic.


I have been working as a project coordinator, assistant project manager and project manager for almost 5 years. I later became an Outreach Manager. Yes, all in the same company. I also did a short role as a Retail Development Manager in a different company (LinkedIn). Now, i'm with @hortherapeutics, advocating Therapeutic Horticulture and Horticulture Therapy.

I paused streaming on, but I still play DotA when I feel like it.

I feel that the Horticulture industry is underrated in Singapore.

Disclaimer: Singlish mixed contents. Sometimes with profanity. Also I'm Singaporean Chinese.

I use Zepeto for images of "me". 

Haha. I will answer this now based on how the person answered it him/herself.

From what I know, the Landscape/Horticulture industry in Singapore are mainly family businesses, contractor companies, or government sectors. I believe nobody in the previous generation liked the idea of laborious work so few people were willing to put their career on this line. Therefore, many of them had to hire foreigners instead. 

Again, this is the mindset which i would love to change. Because landscaping IS fun and challenging. When was the last time you made a project happen?


I received these many years (at least 10) ago (from and these were my answers. This was my 2020 reply:

Gardening need degree or masters meh.png

If you want to excel in any career, to be honest having the right attitude will still bring you to high grounds. However, having a higher education stimulates your thought processes and in my opinion allows us to think better. 

From me to you: If you have not done your degree, you can't say it's useless. If you have done your degree but still think it's useless, that's because you didn't have a purpose for the degree. 

what made you.png

Yes it's true. But I don't regret it. After my diploma i was lost (again). It took me a while to decide to go to Brisbane for my degree. Singapore didn't have a degree in Horticulture.


I didn't know what to do after Os so I asked daddy to pick a subject for me and told him i'll definitely pass it.


I thought to myself... "if i don't know what's good for me then i might as well let someone who loves me decide right? At least there is a purpose to not screw up my life."


This is how my set up looks like

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