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What plant should we put indoor to circulate fresh air at homes? And where to get them in Singapore?

Updated: May 12, 2021

I'm going to assume this question is with regards to "air-purifying" because all plants produces oxygen in the day and generally provides "fresher" air. As for examples of "air-purifying" plants, we literally can find the answers everywhere. You may even know them better than me. Like i found this photo from pinterest instantly while searching for "fresh air plants" hahaha.

But of course no questions shall be unanswered and it is my honour to provide more accurate information to my readers. So instead of telling you what are the plants that are good for providing cleaner air, i will tell you why are they called "air purifying" plants and how do they actually filter out the toxins in the air. AND why these plants, not the other plants? There is a legit scientific explanation and we learnt it in uni.

Here we go.

  1. Why are they called "air-purifying" plants? Because they can retain toxic chemicals in the air and release harmless by-products (an incidental or secondary product made in the manufacture or synthesis of something else). So other than carbon dioxide, some examples of indoor toxic metals are Benzene, Tuolene, Formaldhyde and Trichloroethylene. People actually did research studies on these plants and have proven that these plants can retain these toxins. The idea of having air "cleaned" resulted in the term "air-purifying".

  2. How do they actually filter out the toxins in the air? So what happens is that these plants will "absorb" the toxin gases, remove them by going through a certain chemical process (let's not go too deep into that yet), and release something else harmless instead. Best thing is that these plants can adapt to the increasing amount of toxic gases over time too. Which means if you increase the amount of toxic chemicals they will notice and remove as much as possible. Of course if you spam above their threshold they will also die la. If you really want to be specific with your gases, you really can search up research articles to see which plant absorbs more of which toxic gas, or believe the photo above that other people posted.

  3. Why these plants, not other plants? (I think) These plants are generally more popular and researchers chose these plants to experiment on cos only then it's worth the research?? Hahaha. I'm pretty sure some other plants can work as well but no one bothers to do it??? Ok but i can't confirm this hehe.

However! Doesn't mean you put ONE pot of plant in your room means your room will be damn clean already please. In order to really feel the effects you have to plant a lot of plants. Like a significant much. Haha. I think the best solution is still to clean your area regularly la ha.

Fun fact, you may already know, plants do not only have these abilities, they also have good psychological effects on people.

So, where do we get these plants from Singapore?

The common smaller plants, you can usually find them anywhere around you - wet market that sells plants, pasar malam that sells plants, or even online on instagram where people resell plants.

For a one-stop-all plant centres, you should visit retail shops with their own plant nurseries instead. Some of the ones that are off my head are Prince's Landscape, World Farm, Pioneer Landscape, Candy Floriculture, Koon Lee Nursery, .............. I mean there's a lot more la but these are the ones that always pop up in my head. Not paid to do this lol. Anyway at Sungei Tengah there's an entire stretch of nurseries that you can hop into (easier with a car)!

If you are a plant collector and would like to many different collect plants, i suggest you join the plant community and find out more from them because they would know where to get specific plants available.

I hope this post helps!

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