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My Journey with NUSKIN (treating eosinophilia)

Before the whole vertigo thing, I was on medication for 2 whole years.

How did I get Eosinophilia?

I was bitten/stung/pierced (idk) by something on my right foot in the middle of my nap in one afternoon after work. It was so painful that I woke up, but I couldn’t identify what it was as there were no traces. It didn’t have any unusual effect on me (I thought it was just normal insect bite) until a few days later it started to itch again, swell and hardened. I believe I “activated” it after wearing heels for a day. I did feel the friction made my foot warmer! Specifically my right foot.

The doctors didn’t have any evidence or diagnosis so they wouldn’t say that it’s because of the bite. But I say it is. Why else would it start at the same spot?

Slowly, my joints on both my feet, knees, elbows and wrists started to swell too. Soft tissue swelling. I’ve seen multiple general practitioners who gave me water retention, deworming, allergy, swelling medication which didn’t help. My eosinophil count was super high. Finally, I was referred to a Rheumatologist at Mount E. He prescribed steroids for me and switched to MTX after 3 months as one should not be on long term steroids (it would cause side effects). I was given a solution by the doctor

I’m not sure if it is an autoimmune disease, but it is a symptom of eosinophilia. We have 5 types of white blood cells in our body namely basophils, neutrophils, eosinophils, monocytes, and lymphocytes.

The medication was supposed to suppress my white blood cells level so that it reduces the eosinophil count too. The idea of treatment was to reduce the dosage with time so that everything can slowly go “back to normal”. The steroids did reduce all the swelling and I could walk normally again. The swell was so bad I was walking very carefully and had to buy an adjustable slipper buckled on the last hole.

After a few months of blood tests, the results did improve. I managed to reduce from 6 tablets to 5. But then on the next visit, the results shot up twice as bad and then doctor told me that the results were not improving and "I may have to be on MTX forever". “It is a chronic disease, there is no cure”.

You can’t get pregnant as long as you are on MTX. Using methotrexate while you're pregnant could end your pregnancy or cause severe birth defects. My dream at that point was honestly to start my own family soon though.

How did I feel?

At that point, I thought doctors were a solution to everything. All I wanted to do was to recover so I diligently ate the medicine and went for regular check-up. It didn’t occur to me to seek a second opinion as all analysis should be the same? I was very desperate for a solution yet depressed at the statement. Everything I google tells me that I have cancer knn. For a moment, I gave up searching for a solution and just lived with the medication for a while. Trust me when I say it’s a terrible emotional and mental turmoil. Just imagine at age 23 some doctor tells you your life is ending after 8 months of thinking you will recover eventually. Although not really, but it’s the same to me.

All these took time. I had to be reminded that I’m on medication every time I open the pills to eat – but I look perfectly fine and I can still function normally. So basically I’m sick but I can’t really tell people I’m sick cos they won’t see it.

However, being so desperate to be out of medication I went to google ALL the Rheumatologist I can find in Singapore online, went to see a TCM, and some point I was probably eating 3 types of medicine and supplements at one go.

Anyway I don’t know how I got so lucky but I managed to make an appointment with Prof Fong at SGH and let me tell you. The treatment was indeed the same as what the previous doctor said, but the difference was what he said and how he put it across. One was heaven and the other was hell. It gave me light and motivation to “live” again. Prof told me, "Judging from experience, we should be able to settle this. "

How do I get to know the product?

After eating steroids and being negative, I was gaining so much weight. My cousin got to know of my condition and she introduced NUSKIN to me. She is a regular consumer and told me the benefits of it and how it helped her with improving her life. I was open to it. Well when you’re desperate enough to be healthier, you will try anything. Even though I was very skeptical to MLM products, I still bought them. No harm right? They promised only the good stuff.

How long did I had it for?

I was very determined to become better and I chose to trust the product so I didn’t miss a single day of TR90 and DuoPack dosage. 3 months of dieting and TR90, I lost 7kg in total. 6 months of DuoPack, my eczema and sinus recovered completely within the first month. Mind you I did not ask or expect for these improvements but it happened.

Ever since I started to lose weight, I could feel that my attitude significantly became positive again. I felt a lot healthier after my weight loss and I gained my confidence back. Slowly, I felt my energy level and I could no longer feel lethargic for no reasons. I also had constipation issues for a very long time and I did see significant improvements as I visit the toilet more regularly.


Later, I went for my follow up which happens once every 2-3 months, and prof noticed my weight difference and improving test results and said to me something along the lines of “whatever it is you are doing, you can continue to keep up with it”. I nod my head as I knew exactly what “I was doing”.

After 2 full years of battling this symptom, I am finally free from medication as of February 2020. You can’t imagine the amount of relief I have.


I think having this "disease" had taught me a lot on health issues and it was probably something i had to go through. I’ll most probably make a video out of this to fill in all the other more interesting things that happened while coping with this eosinophilia shit, along with some medical facts that you guys can learn. Yea it may not be a big deal of an illness for those who’ve had it worse, but it is an experience I would like to share. I can’t imagine how other patients who’ve had it worse deal with theirs. ­

Our body has new stress and factors that causes damage every day and especially when we are vulnerable. Be it supplements or not, we still have to find ways to maintain or improve our body.

We can have many arguments on this. Maybe my recovery was because of my own positive mindset. Maybe it was the placebo effect. Maybe it was the TCM. Or even the supplements I ate before. Skeptical or not, the truth is NUSKIN was there for me throughout the recovery. It made me understand my body better and want to continue to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and I think that's the beauty of it. Jeff (whom i got the products from) spent a lot of effort educating me instead of just focusing on selling. It was my choice to make.

As of now i'm not selling it but you can always find people who are around who provides many other recovery stories from different illnesses. I dedicate this post to NUSKIN as I hope it may too help another person get out of their shit.

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