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Is cactus hard to plant?

First, we ask ourselves:

What are the summarized special features and fun facts of a cactus?

I'm going to assume this question is asking if it's hard to take care. The concept of propagating should be easy with understanding but can be more difficult because of their spikes.


  • A cactus is a succulent, and they are just a small group of the family! Which also means, succulents are NOT cactuses but cactuses are succulents. Remember that.

  • They are often distinguished with small bumps called areoles where the spines grow.

    • Being a succulent, they have a way to store water in their stems so they can last longer without water. If you realise, they can expand and contract easily depending on the water availability.

  • They possess a unique mechanism called "crassulacean acid metabolism" (CAM) as part of photosynthesis. In short, it is an adaptation to periodic water supply. One of the features include closing their stomata during the day (to prevent water loss).

  • Most caci species can survive good lighting, and it doesn't necessarily have to be strong direct sunlight.

Considering that it doesn't need much water, it makes them more feasible to take care if you don't have time to water. However, if you water too much, they will still result to rot!

Hard meh?

Ya my cactus still die ma.

One of the few common reasons why it died and you don't know why:

1) Overwatering (too much love)

2) You didn't let the soil dry out completely before you water again

3) You haven't watered for a very very long time

How to know if your cactus is almost dead?

1) When you see, it you know it. It's brown color.

2) It feels loose in the pot and anytime you move it feels like its gonna fall off

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